Interview Process

The selection process will consist of 5 elements:

1. Five minute presentation around the primary/secondary curriculum.

You will be assessed on the following:-

  • Communication Skills
  • Subject Knowledge
  • Ability to deliver a presentation clearly
  • Interaction with the panel
  • Creativity – use of resources

2. Pupil activity – Working in small groups you will be asked to facilitate an activity for one lesson.

You will be assessed on the following:-

  • Facilitation skills
  • How you engage with the pupils
  • Communication skills
  • Behaviour management
  • How you make the activity “fun”

3. Written task

You will be asked to write about a current education issue.

The panel will assess:-

  • Your wider understanding of education.
  • The structure of your writing including including spelling, punctuation, grammar and overall presentation.

4. ICT task

You will have 30 minutes to work through tasks using word, excel and PowerPoint.

The panel will assess:-

  • Your ICT ability and skills

5. Formal 1:1 Interview

This part of the interview will focus on assessing your suitability for the programme. It is an opportunity to expand on your experiences and the information you have provided on the application form.

The interviewers will consider the following:-

  • Your commitment to teacher training
  • Prior experience within a school
  • Knowledge and understanding of the qualities of a teacher
  • Personal qualities and attributes
  • Communication skills
  • Interaction with the panel

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