Our Vision

Our aim is to design and deliver a programme that builds skills, knowledge and behaviours which provide the foundation for a successful career in the teaching profession, and not simply to evidence the Teachers’ Standards at its end point.


We aim to offer…

Individual pastoral care for every trainee’s wellbeing

A tailored approach to each trainee’s circumstances and progress

A breadth of school-based experiences

A commitment to reduce unnecessary work-load

A reflective approach that considers trainee and partner perspectives and opinion

We aim to build…






A reflective approach that considers trainee and partner perspectives and opinion.

You can find our more information about us in our Prospectus and Course booklet

Meet the Team

Samantha Webster
Head of Believe Learning Institute
Nick Parry
Karen Craven
BLI Programmes Manager
Charlotte Lavin
BLI Administrator

Jackie Williams
Lead Mentor
Chris Burnett
Lead Mentor

Partnership Schools

We work with a range of schools across the North West and our partnership is constantly evolving and expanding.


Following the SCITT Ofsted inspection in February 2024, we are delighted to confirm that Ashton on Mersey SCITT has been judged to be Good in all areas.
Strong leadership, the unique training programmes, the close involvement of schools and the recruitment of high-calibre trainees that underpin the success of the Ashton on Mersey SCITT.
The Ofsted Report is also available via reports.ofsted.gov.uk.
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