Assessment Only Entry Requirements

To be eligible for the assessment only route applicants must: ​

  • hold a UK degree, or equivalent qualification
  • have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade 4 in GCSE English and Mathematics, and all those who intend to teach pupils aged 3 to 11 additionally have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade 4 in a GCSE Science subject
  • be working or hosted in a school setting, endorsed by Headteacher.
  • be working in one of the following age phases:
    • 3-11 (Primary)
    • 7-14 (Middle)
    • 11-19 (Secondary
  • have taught in at least two schools (not restricted to England). This may include early years or further education before entry to the Assessment Only route.
  • have taught children across the ability range in their chosen age ranges. It is not sufficient to have only had experience of 2 schools or settings.


Typically, a candidate with fewer than 2 years of teaching experience in schools as an unqualified teacher would be unsuitable for this route, but there is flexibility for the provider to judge each application on its individual merit.

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