Impact of Covid-19

If you are thinking of applying for teacher training at this time, we have some frequently asked questions that may help.

Q. Do I need to have school experience?

A. Whilst getting some classroom experience can help you decide whether teaching is right for you, it is not an entry requirement for Initial Teacher Training. With the current Covid-19 restrictions, we are not offering school experience at the moment and recognise that applicants may have limited opportunities to gain school experience.


Q. Does the 40-day rule for making decisions about ITT applications still apply?

A. The 40-day rule for making decisions about ITT applications still applies.


Q. Do I have to have a face-to-face interview?

A. We are constantly reviewing our recruitment in light of current national and local guidance. Whilst we hope to be able to offer face to face interviews with measures in place for everyone’s safety, we can quickly respond to new restrictions and move the interview online. If you are invited to interview we will send you specific guidance.


Q: Are the planned Train to Teach events going ahead?

A. The Train to Teach Autumn events have now been confirmed, please check the Get into Teaching events page for more information. We are also hoping to hold some events for prospective applicants soon and we will publicise these on our website and social media.


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