Our Learning Themes

The below learning themes and topics run through our programmes. Each trainee will train in the following areas:

Learning Theme 1


Subject Knowledge and Curriculum


  • TS3A: secure knowledge of relevant subjects
  • TS3B: critical understanding of developments
  • TS3C: promoting high standards of literacy
  • TS3D: phonics (primary)
  • TS3E: early maths (primary)
  • TS4A: effective use of lesson time
  • TS4C: homework
  • TS4E: design of engaging curriculum

Learning Theme 2


Classroom Management 


  • TS1A: safe and stimulating environment
  • TS1C: positive attitudes, values & behaviour
  • TS7A: clear rules and routines for behaviour
  • TS7B: framework for discipline
  • TS7C: manage classes effectively
  • TS7D: maintain good relationships

Learning Theme 3


Challenging and Engaging


  • TS1B: sets goals that stretch and challenge
  • TS2B: pupils’ capabilities and prior knowledge
  • TS2D: knowledge of how pupils learn
  • TS2E: conscientious attitude to their own work
  • TS4B: promote a love of learning
  • TS5A: differentiate appropriately
  • TS5B: factors inhibit pupils ability to learn
  • TS5C: physical social and intellectual development
  • TS5D: needs of pupils; HA, EAL, SEND
  • TS8C: deploy support staff correctly

Learning Theme 4 


Progressing and Assessing


  • TS2A: attainment, progress and outcomes
  • TS2C: guide pupils to reflect on progress
  • TS6A: how to assess relevant subject
  • TS6B: formative and summative assessment
  • TS6C: monitor progress, set targets and plan
  • TS6D: regular feedback

Learning Theme 5


Professional Behaviours


  • TS4C: homework / plan out of class activities
  • TS4D: reflect systematically
  • TS8A: wider school life
  • TS8B: effective professional relationships
  • TS8D: responsibility for improving teaching
  • TS8E: communicate effectively with parents

Teachers’ Standards Part Two


Personal and Professional Conduct


Teachers uphold public trust in the profession and maintain high standards of ethics and behaviour, within and outside school.

Teachers must have proper and professional regard to the ethos, policies and practices of the school in which they teach, and maintain high standards in their own attendance and punctuality.

Teachers must have an understanding of, and always act within, the statutory frameworks which set out their professional duties and responsibilities.

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