Physical Education with Biology

At Ashton on Mersey School, Physical Education and Sport has played an integral role in the development of the school’s ethos since the school gained Specialist Sports College status in 1998. The impact that sport has had on the school can be measured by the increase in overall school attainment, participation levels and a flexible curriculum that individually caters for the needs of all students. Coupled to this is the relationship that we have developed with a number of local HEIs and the strategic timetabling of our own staff in the delivery of university modules. The school has also been at the forefront of local and national sporting initiatives and has been involved in pilot projects centred on the national curriculum and vocational learning. The school was also one of the first to develop the school sport partnerships and still retains a key role in the organisation of local sport for secondary and primary schools through the hosting of a School Games Organiser (SGO). This has allowed us to maintain a purposeful working relationship with over one hundred schools.

Listen to what our trainees had to say!

We utilised this expertise to deliver a high quality Secondary Physical Education (PE) programme. We realise the importance PE teachers can have on key groups of students through the many cross curricular projects the department has delivered. PE teachers have a unique relationship with students and it is this relationship that we would like to harness in order to maximise the impact a PE teacher can have across a school. It is also fundamentally important that we train outstanding teachers in shortage subject areas and we therefore provide the opportunity to train to teach in a combination of two subjects; PE and a second subject specialism (Biology). These trainee teachers will go on to gain ECT jobs in PE, their second subject specialism, or a combination of the two. We feel that this model will be highly appealing to Head Teachers, who would be able to deploy the ECT to fill shortages within their Science department as well as being part of the PE team.

We have the following aims for our Secondary PE with Biology Programme:

  • To develop outstanding PE Practitioners capable of outstanding teaching and learning.
  • To develop PE teachers with a well-rounded subject knowledge allowing them to feel confident to teach all areas of the PE National Curriculum.
  • To ensure this outstanding teaching and learning is transferred to other shortage subject areas allowing them to develop Biology subject knowledge.
  • To develop future PE/Sport leaders.

The programme starts with a Summer School during August 2022.

The programme will consist of school-based training and centre-based training days. You will train across at least two school placements.

Our Secondary PE with Biology has four areas of learning:

  • Centre Based Learning – session based activities delivered at Ashton on Mersey School or Masters Level study at Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • School Based Learning – learning activity completed at your placement schools
  • Guided Learning – learning completed on an individual basis
  • Enrichment Learning – This allows you to develop a second subject area – Biology.

It is really important to us that these four learning areas fit together to ensure a cohesive and progressive programme of study.

What people say:

“I have been supported throughout my training both by my mentors and by all the other staff involved in my training, without this continued support this year would have been ten times more difficult!”

“Great support from all. Feedback helped me progress as a teacher. A range of facilitators helped embed theory into practice. Two very good and contrasting placements with lots learnt to take forward to my career.”

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